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Marketing Strategy is NOT Scary!

For marketing to truly help your business grow, your ideal customer needs to be at the very centre of everything. Knowing who they are is worth its weight in gold and is an absolute must-have strategic step if you are serious about growing your business and your income.

I offer a range of cost-effective marketing strategy services to give you
clarity & confidence with proven, easy to implement steps.

Choose Customer Clarity for defining your ideal customer and grow your business


Do you know who your ideal customer is? Or does it make you uncomfortable to niche your services to focus on just one audience? Work with me to get absolute clarity on who your true customers really are.

My Customer Clarity strategy session will give you a tried and tested framework to allow you to confidently define the customers your unique combination of services and experience can help the most. The result will guarantee your marketing becomes so much easier to manage!

Customer Clarity includes:

  • A pre-call questionnaire 

  • A 1 hour online 1-2-1 to fine tune your questionnaire answers 

  • Your unique Customer Clarity document for you to keep

Your Customer Clarity document will give you clear focus on who your marketing should be created to attract.



Have you taken the time to define your key messages when it comes to marketing your business and your services? Or is there little strategy involved in what you focus on when you create your content?

Messaging Mastery will give you the focus and steps to take to define a range of content topics and themes to ensure that wherever you choose to show up with your marketing, your target customer will want to know more!

Messaging Mastery includes

  • A pre-call questionnaire

  • A 2 hour online 1-2-1 session to dive deep into defining your marketing messages

  • A Messaging Map for you to keep to use in your marketing

Your Messaging Mastery Map will give you clear direction on what you should focus on in your marketing content.


Choose Messaging Mastery to create the messages that will attract more customer enquiries
Choose Brand Blueprint for an indepth strategic step easily and consistently attract more customers


Work with me 1-2-1 on this indepth strategic step to a fabulous, growth-focused Brand Blueprint that will allow you to simply, easily, and consistently attract new customers to want to work with you, time & time again.

Your Brand Blueprint will give you absolute clarity and a deep understanding of your ideal customers and define the messages that will attract them to want to work with you. 

Brand Blueprint defines your brand vision, values, and voice.


I work with you to define your ideal customer, create your core brand messages and a signature offer, so your marketing allows you to stand out from the crowd and gets those customers interested in your services and ready to buy.

Brand Blueprint includes

  • A pre-call questionnaire

  • Your 2 hour online 1-2-1 ‘Brand Blueprint’ session

  • Draft of your unique messaging & signature offer for review

  • A 1 hour online 1-2-1 to fine tune and plan next steps

  • Your unique Brand Blueprint document for you to keep



This service is for you if you are looking to reposition, rebrand or you need some indepth 1-2-1 strategic marketing support to gain some real momentum. 

Your Brand Guide will define your ideal customer and your messaging, and then show you where your marketing focus should be, and the best path and tools to get you there. You can then consistently show up where your ideal customers can easily find you, and build that all important know, like & trust.

This is my most comprehensive strategic service and gives you absolute clarity on your ideal customer, the brand messaging that will form the launchpad for all your marketing activity, the development of a signature offer PLUS a strategic 3 month plan to give you the momentum to take your marketing from mediocre to magical.

Brand Guide includes

  • A pre-call questionnaire

  • Your 2 hour online 1-2-1 ‘Brand Blueprint’ session

  • Draft of your unique messaging & signature offer for review

  • A 1 hour online 1-2-1 to fine tune and plan next steps

  • Your unique Brand Blueprint document for you to keep

  • A 3-month plan of activity for you to implement & manage

  • Advice on tools to save time & simplify your marketing

  • A final 1-hour Zoom call to review after 3 months


Choose Brand Guide for 1-2-1 strategic marketing support to gain real momentum with your marketing

Not sure which strategy service would best suit your needs right now? 

Let's have a chat and explore your options.

"We were keen to establish a brand that stood out from the competition and we consulted Emma early on in the process to benefit from her wealth of experience. She quickly understood the brief and the obstacles faced by a start-up business in the competitive world of recruitment & executive search. She has an excellent eye for detail, a no nonsense approach to branding and corporate messages and had a very clear understanding of our specific market, meaning she was able to come up with a marketing concept that worked. Emma works with clarity, openness, a sense of humour & 100% commitment. We have been delighted with the results to date."

Matt Cawood, Managing Partner - Start-Up Recruitment Company

Marketing Strategy Workbook Banner image for website.png

Do you want more customers?

Download your marketing strategy workbook and get the key steps to grow your business and your income!

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