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Do you want to take ownership of updating your current website, or be confident to make changes yourself to the one that I design & build for you?

KNOWLEDGE can take you from needing that rubber ring when you go in the water to swimming the channel if you so choose!

It can cover online 1-2-1 or group training for your team, and is tailored to give you the level of understanding you need to gain the confidence and skills to manage any content additions or changes to your site, as and when you wish.

KNOWLEDGE will give you complete control in the management of your website - no more delays using a third party, and no more unplanned costs! Just your time when you choose, so you can keep your website up to date and relevant for the customers you want to work with!

It could be as simple as an hour to cover the basics, through to a half day if you want to dive into the full detail.



"Emma was a great person to learn from, as not only does she have a huge amount of knowledge, she was also very personable and patient, answering any questions I had very clearly and helping me to learn through doing. She is dedicated and creative and was a warm and wonderful person to work with."

Kirsty Harman, Park Street People

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Do you want more customers?

Discover how to transform your website in 10 simple steps and get more customer enquiries on autopilot! 

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